We are Stroud District Kids’ Stuff.

Stroud District Kids' Stuff is part of the Stroud District Basics' Bank which is a registered charity with the goal to end poverty in our local community. The Basics' Bank was set up by a network of Churches from across the Stroud District who were motivated by their Christian faith to support people in our communities who face crisis. Kids' Stuff was set up to fulfil the words of Jesus - "children are the Kingdom's pride and joy”. Like Jesus, we believe that all children are precious and deserve the best in life regardless of the situations they are born into and the circumstances of their lives. We will do whatever we can to help children in our community.

Kids’ Stuff was launched in January 2013 as part of Stroud District Basics Bank. It was launched in response to a growing demand seen in customers using the Stroud District Foodbank (also part of Stroud District Basics Bank) who were struggling to provide the basic goods needed for children to grow. Starting up in the Garage of a local resident it has grown from humble beginnings to support over 1000 people a year. It now operates out of a warehouse in the Brimscombe port and receives on average 28 referrals a month.

What we do.

The goal is to provide hope during times of hopelessness and make sure that every member of our district knows that they are loved and cared for. We exist to help people reach the potential for life in all its fullness and maintain dignity in troubled circumstances. At Kids’ Stuff this is done through the provision of clothes and equipment, companionship and signposting onto the wider care community.

How we work.

1 We collect unneeded items from parents, carers & grandparents like clothes, cots or pushchairs.

2 We ask the local community to provide us with children's toiletries and the money we need to buy new items like mattresses.

3We take referrals from care professionals who work closely with parents and know the needs of the family. .

3 We give items as needed to families & make sure they know about the other groups that can help them like toddler groups, parenting courses & general support organisations.