Our Stories


Supporting the victims of domestic violence

Catrina and her two children had to flee domestic violence. They arrived at the refuge with little more than what they stood up in. The children had left their clothes and toys behind. They urgently needed easy care basic clothes and toiletries.

Helping people start OVER again

Moving on from the refuge, but unable to return home to collect their belongings, Clara is setting up her home from scratch for her family. She needs to make the flat safe for her baby who has just started crawling. Kids’ Stuff supplied two pressure fit stair gates, a high chair and a cot as well as age appropriate bedding, clothes and other basic items.

Helping families make ends meet

A young couple have lived in a damp privately rented flat over the winter and their child’s cot mattress, bedding and clothes have become spoiled by mould. Their combined family income is not sufficient to buy replacements. They need an easy to clean cot mattress and bedding and clothes that are very easy to wash and dry.


Amanda lives in a first floor flat with no downstairs storage. She and her six month old baby have not been getting out since their buggy broke after being bumped down the stairs. Kids’ Stuff supplied a robust, light, easy to use, lie-back buggy which she could carry as well as the baby, up and down the stairs.


Dan has been sofa surfing with his two year old and is just setting up home. He would like to make his new home safe for his child whose life has been very disrupted. He has requested a pressure fit stair gate, a toddler bed with sides and outside play equipment.

Making sure debt doesn’t harm children

Emma feels socially isolated and has low self-esteem after her partner left. She is being supported with budgeting and debt management as paying for basics and looking after her two children is a daily struggle. Kids’ Stuff are supplying a baby monitor, microwave bottle sterilizer and a light, easy to use buggy which will allow the family to get out more using the local bus.